[thelist] Drawing the line was Tip o'the day (x2)

aardvark roselli at earthlink.net
Sun Feb 18 13:23:35 CST 2001

>From: "Tony Crockford" <tonyc at boldfish.co.uk>

> Just one last comment......

never !  there's always more to say...  it just sucks you in...

> I'll draw a line for each site I build based on the audience I'm
> building for.

yep, i think we were saying the same thing...

> Open discussion point:  Where's the line now?

that's rhetorical, right?

> 5.x browsers
> 4.x browsers
> 3.x browsers
> esoteric browsers
> text only browsers
> Screen readers
> 1024*768
> 800*600
> 640*480
> and who did I miss?

WebTV screen size, and WAP browser screen size... IOW, 
*everyone*... there are so many possibilities, it's mind-numbing, 
and i should know, i just ate some ice cream too fast, and it feels 
exactly the same...

> and where's the definitive users browser preference stats for a given
> demographic.


> Work? What's work when there's debate to be engaged in?

apparently being as well ignored as i was on prom night...

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