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I'll tell you what we do, at my company we actually have users sit down in a
lab, and monitor how they are navigating through sites we have developed.
They are completely unaware that they are being watched.  We have found that
most people actually do prefer new windows about 63% of those surveyed.
Though we have noticed that amongst women that number falls a little.

Johnny Gebreselassie

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>then you have the problem of that "new" window being open from a previously
>clicked link and then minimized.  clicking another link that targets that
>window and seemingly nothing happens.  or, you've navigated to something
>want to leave in the new window for later use and clicking a link opens a
>new page in that window and you forget to go back after viewing the new
>in that new window.  make sense?

I'll have to think about it actually!

- Erik Mattheis

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