[thelist] Em-sizing fonts = usable on Macs? [WAS Re: Site Critique Please(thereformist.com)]

samiam at ns.linkfinity.net samiam at ns.linkfinity.net
Wed Oct 24 22:32:53 CDT 2001

> sounds like you might want to build a user style sheet
> can anyone else offer first-hand experience?  has anyone written user style
> sheets?  do they really work as advertised, overriding the site's style
> sheet?  what about the !important attribute?  does it make a difference?
I played around with them a little. Somwwhere on my blog I posted a simple
(stupid) one that gave you a console-style black/green text only view onto
the world in NN6. (http://sam-i-am.com/work/blog/2000_09_01_archive.html)

At the time though my impression was almost impossible to
consistently dictate your own presentation while simulatneously
maintaining  a useable experience for
yourself.. Primarily because of the weird non-logical not structural
markup out there.  You can make sure all text is a certain size, headings
a certain size, etc.. But so often headings are marked up with
classed spans, or just b tags.. which your stylesheet will override and
render as regular text, so they can get lost.
But depending on what you're browsing these might be exceptions rather
than the rule. ..What I came to wish for was a handier bookmarklet kind of
way to enable/disable the UCSS.. rumaging in the preferences when you hit
an illegible site was a pain.

Having said all that I've done _much_ more serious work with CSS since
then, and maybe I'd have less problems now.

Remind me and I'll post the examples I do have somewhere.. I did a little
seminar on the topic at work and I have a few demos.


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