[thelist] Lost Linux Pass

Steve Cook steve.cook at evitbe.com
Thu Nov 15 04:46:14 CST 2001

I disagree with part of your tip Ross (though I agree with the general
concept). I think that for general user-level use, one should advise that
people don't write down their passwords. But for administrators who possibly
have to handle tens or hundreds of passwords, writing down passwords is not
just advised, but essential.

A password written on paper and stored securely is subject to the same
security that one applies to the rest of one's valuables (whether we are
talking about business or personal use). Hopefully that security is
sufficiently tight in any case.

(Of course, leaving passwords in open view should definitely be

Just my 2 öre!

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> <tip type="Passwords" author="Ross Lynch">
> If you really must keep your passwords written down
> (and you shouldn't) keep them in a notebook in a
> very safe place that only you have access to, a safe
> for example.
> That way when you forget one you'll know where to
> find it. Additionally, when you change a password
> don't forget to update the notebook entry.
> </tip>
>  -Ross

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