[thelist] Job Change Question

construct neal at constructweb.com
Thu Oct 24 14:53:01 CDT 2002

He evolters
I know issues similar to this have been discussed
I am requesting advice

I have a job which is stable- (web design/some devel work)
getting a little compartmentalized and stultifying--boring-same old-
I am glad to be in htis field- but future with company not exactly
sure in terms of moving up

So I am looking at a successful porn site-
this job may pay around the same -- little more - but also
might be more interesting- (no I am not refering to the porn)
It will have more of a range of tasks thta I would find interesting
combining design and development-- which is what I would rather do?

So you may be assuming my quandary at the moment-
leave something stable for porn (that probably is stable)
any thoughts?
How would future employers look at me?


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