[thelist] Several questions for year overview

RUST Randal RRust at COVANSYS.com
Wed Dec 11 08:52:01 CST 2002

Peter-Paul Koch said:

> Since I don't know too much about the various server side
> technologies, especially, I'd like your help with some points.

> 1) .NET . Has it succeeded in making an impact beyond the
> traditional ASP market? Personally I'd say No, it just seems
> like a new ASP version to me, but I'm not heavily into
> Microsoft technology so I may be wrong.

I have heard that the .NET licensing has caused a lot of problems.  That's
all I know, but maybe someone else can elaborate.

> 3) Java. I've got the feeling that the various Java server
> side technologies are used more often. True or false? The
> Java client side applet seems to have died a quiet death, though.

IMO, they are being used more often because there are so many software
developers moving into web development, and they can reuse the same skills.
Whether or not this is a good thing or not is debatable.

> 4) PHP, anything new?

PHP 4.2 has much better security for variables than previous versions.

> 7) Are there any new concepts in interaction or graphical
> design that have made a substantial impact? Personally I'd
> say No. Of course many beautiful and interesting sites have
> been made, but I haven't seen radically new ways of showing a
> site or interacting with the users, just upgrades of older
> ideas. Or am I wrong?

I think that accessibility is making an impact on design, and forcing some
people to rethink the way they build a user interface.  I know I have had to
do this.

> 8) Flash MX. Is it just a new Flash version or is it
> fundamentally better?

In my limited use of it, I would say that it's fundamentally better.  And
keep in mind that MM is positioning Flash MX as a way to build rich clients
for applications.  Kind of like using XUL for the Mozilla interface.


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