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Nemesis nemesis at nemesis1.f2o.org
Sun Jul 20 09:28:38 CDT 2003

Hershel Robinson wrote:

>I work for a site that provides services to corporations via web pages. One
>of our clients wants to access our system via a frame in a frameset which
>resides on his own site. Our HTTPS system (Win 2K, IIS 5) uses cookies for
>session identification. Presently when the client attempts to login within
>his frame, there is a third party cookie security error generated and the
>cookie is not accepted.
>Our site only supports Windows IE6 and this is the message some users are
>Could not find privacy policy for
>https://HershelsGroovySite.Hershel/Login.cgi. To view this site's privacy
>policy, contact the Web site directly.
>Can anyone point me in the direction of the solution to this issue? We
>believe that we need to configure one of these servers (ours or theirs) to
>allow third party cookies, but we are not certain as to how to go about
You have to have a privacy policy.(P3P)



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