[thelist] CSS background positioning and link borders

Simon Perry simon.perry at si-designs.co.uk
Wed Feb 25 08:44:50 CST 2004

Brian W. Reaves wrote:

> Gregory,
> Did you check your version in FireFox 0.8? (I'm on WinXP.) The 
> background image doesn't appear under the navigation until after you 
> rollover the navigation.

yep on mine too... gets even stranger if the window is maximized and 
scrolled! First off the background image is cut off below sign up then 
as the page is scrolled down the background bleeds through below sign 
up, once a link has been hovered over it works as expected.

> Simon's version worked but seemed to bog-down the browser. Very 
> strange....

Could you expand on "seemed to bog-down" the browser please?


> <snip>
>>> Hi Jono,
>>> Well, now I have had some time to work on it. The page is now up and 
>>> the nav works. Really sweet. Here it is:
>>> http://www.gwcreative.com/working/pt/web/
>> Gregory,
> Simon Perry wrote:
>> Bit bored myself so I had a go at the design too! Here is my 
>> effort[0], source ordered, pure CSS, no tables, flexible layout, 
>> centered... Apart from the Mozilla transparency it validates as 
>> xhtml1 and CSS.
>> Simon
>> [0] http://www.si-designs.co.uk/scratch/pathtree1.htm (CSS in source)
> </snip>

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