[thelist] CMS Concerns

Adrian Gonzales adrian at clearspanmedia.com
Tue May 4 13:40:57 CDT 2004

2) Allow large uploads and implement some image manipulation object on
the server so that the image that ends up on the page is properly
dimensioned and compressed.  You might then delete the original to save
disk space.
I do the same thing in CF. I know there are good objects for ASP, I just
cant get them off the top of my head. I'd recommend this approach, it’s
the best for inexperienced users. In CF I use CFMagickTag which is a
wrapper for ImageMagick. I like it because: 1) its free 2) its cross
platform 3) its pretty powerful.

I still can't stop the users from uploading ugly images though ;)  I'll
need a Design Police  custom tag.. any ideas?
Yeah, that’d be really nice. In an effort to help, I make ImageMagick
run an Auto Levels filter on the file, it helps a lot.

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