[thelist] RE: Does web design have a future in'highwage'countries? (wasQuestion])

Mattias Hising hising at home.se
Sat Jul 24 03:31:12 CDT 2004

I have been reading this conversation and two things really strikes me:

1. What is a *web-professional* and how do I measure the 
*professionality* from the designers/software developers/software 
architects and information architects? As I see it a client can only 
measure it by return of investment (R.O.I). And of course, if a client 
invests $49.95 and makes a tremendous ROI, lets say 1000%, they will 
have $499.5 - $49.95 to use for  future investments, thats ok for buying 
a new coffe machine or something, but not for 
long-time-business-building investments. If on the other hand a company 
invests $100 000 on a smaller project with  
professional-web-professional (i.e web-professionals who can generate 
R.O.I) and gets an  R.O.I of lets say 5% , they will have $105 000 - 
$100 000 =  $5000.  And I will, believe it or not, go for the guys who 
are professional and can make ROI,  I do not think companies with 1000+ 
employees would go to the coffe-machine-guys for a  websolution (But if 
they do, see point 2)

2.  If you are a *professional* do you just make websites? A 
*professional* web software developer/architect/designer /information 
architect can of course sell in stuff like  Content 
Management/Clickstream Applications/Device Adaptation 
Frameworks/Platforms for Charging and all people in a *professional* 
group will have full knowledge of these products and the benefits of 
using them in their respective area. So, if professional-agency 
lemon-digital-fancy-business-card says they can build a stupid 
html/flash page for pr-purpose with no extra for making it easier for me 
as a client to update/control R.O.I/target multiple environments/charge, 
and on the other side somenone can sell me a Do-It-Yourself package of 
HTML/Flash Templates of course I go for the templates.

- If we are web-professionals we  can show our custormers that we can 
make ROI that are  as  good as any  other businesses making ROI for clients.
- If we are web-professionals we have a greater knowledge about  
subsystems that makes clients want to invest in order to make more money
-  If we are web-professionals we will focus on the problems the clients 
have, and not on making fancy cool PHP-code that is state of the art but 
for no use.

So please be careful with the word *web-professional*


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