[thelist] DNS funkiness with my domain?

Ken Schaefer ken at adOpenStatic.com
Mon Sep 27 19:30:53 CDT 2004


This is quite odd. You are saying that when you do:
you get your local website? Not your remote website? And you get your local 
website even though you have deleted Apache and mySQL on your local machine? 
That's a bit hard to believe.

What happens if you do a tracert to Does it trace correctly? 
If so, then it would appear that the content on that site is not what you 

What is your local IP address(es)?

I just visited that IP address, and it has a single entry from 23th Sept 
about needing to do an upgrade - is that what's supposed to be there? Is 
that what you're seeing?


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From: "Tom Dell'Aringa" <pixelmech at yahoo.com>
Subject: [thelist] DNS funkiness with my domain?

: I'm in the process of moving my domain to MediaTemple from my old 
provider. I got my account set
: up today, and I got an ip address for it so I can begin playing. The IP 
: I installed Word Press there, and the associated mySQL db and everything 
was peachy.
: Now, I had on my desktop a dev install of wordpress as well, say called 
dev.p.com. I did an
: upgrade on wordpress which went fine, and then BOOM - everytime I attempt 
to hit
:, I get the stupid DEV install on my local machine!
: Ok, so I do an ipconfig /flushdns and restart. No luck. I DELETE the 
apache and mysql directories
: and my computer - NO LUCK! Where in the world can it be pulling this from 
is beyond me, but it
: thinks its pulling it from the DEV install or something. I get no 
stylesheet either, so something
: is funky. If I try and ping the dev site, I get nothing, but I can ping 
: just fine.
: I had set my dev.p.com localhost IP in my HOSTS file so I could just use 
the name, and that was
: the first thing I deleted, again, no luck. I'm out of ideas and no windows 
expert - any ideas? Why
: I could see it one second and not the next is beyond me...

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