[thelist] PHP enum

Mark Joslyn Mark.Joslyn at SolimarSystems.com
Thu Sep 30 18:01:16 CDT 2004

I am consuming a web service using PHP and NuSOAP.

I need to send a web service function parameters. One of these parameters is
a "search flag" which is set up as an enumeration type of variable (enum).

The variable has to be structured correctly or the web service will not
allow the variable to be passed it - it keeps spitting back "input not the
correct format" - for both string and integer.

I have looked under settype() in the PHP manual but it does not list "enum"
as a type. And all the google searches seem to deal with php and mySQL -
which I am not dealing with.

Is there a way to pass a web service a variable that is of "enum" type?

Any and all help is greatly appreciated.



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