[thelist] Re: XML and Javascript: 2 questions

Diane Soini dianesoini at earthlink.net
Fri Oct 1 20:13:41 CDT 2004

Thank you everybody for trying so hard on this one!

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> Subject: Re: [thelist] XML and Javascript: 2 questions
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>>> This took me a while, but the answer seems to be No. I wrote a simple
>>> XMLHTTPrequest script and tried to load a file from another server:
>>> not allowed (Moz and IE).
>>> So for the moment it seems XMLHTTPrequests are limited to what you 
>>> can
>>> get from your own server. If anyone can confirm or deny I'd be most
>>> happy.

So then, why is it that my script, which uses MS.XMLDOM and 
(document.implementation.createDocument), load external 
(http://server.somewhere.com/myxml.xml) XML files just fine if I do it 
on a shared drive, but not from a server?

Also, I'm not sure that I can install multiple IE versions on my 
computer. I use Macintosh at home and PC at work. Is there anybody who 
can test whether IE < 6 can read RDF XML files without choking?

P.S. In case anybody is interested, IE didn't understand namespaces (or 
getElementsByTagNameNS) but Mozilla did. So tags like <qb:presenter> 
were 'qb:presenter' to IE, and were just 'presenter' to Mozilla. 

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