[thelist] CMS for images (not news)

Norman Bunn norman.bunn at craftedsolutions.com
Wed Oct 27 09:29:48 CDT 2004

I have been working with Mambo (http://mamboforge.net/) and find it 
integrates fairly well with Gallery  



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Viveka Weiley wrote:

>Good hello all. A question for the collected wisdom:
>Which CMSs have good gallery features?
>I'm putting together a site for a small local art gallery.
>I've used Greymatter (lightweight), then MySource and Plone
>(functional but took up too much of my brain), then Geeklog (easy and
>sufficiently powerful for newsy sites).
>I've enjoyed using them all, but none of them have usable image
>gallery functions build in.
>I'm looking at the Gallery plugin for geeklog; but does anyone know of
>a CMS with a more powerful gallery function? Perhaps one focused on
>that, rather than news, polls etc.
>Flexible templates; for example it should be possible to have multiple
>galleries with totally different layouts. 
>In other respects I'm looking for the usual - LAMP (Linux or
>BSD/Apache/MySQL/Perl or
>Python or PHP). Free/Open Source. XHTML and CSS templates for layout ideally.
>Table-driven templates are OK as long as they're not crazy. Oh, and if
>possible WebDAV
>support. The gallery staff are all on Macs, and built-in WebDAV would
>be easier (for image upload) than FTP, I reckon. But that's not
>Any ideas?

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