[thelist] [OT] test phone numbers

Rob Smith rob.smith at THERMON.com
Wed Oct 27 09:33:07 CDT 2004


Although I don't have a phone number for you to try, but I wanted to thank
you for posting this link. I think it's worth it to just for the CSS
modifications and see your page change on the fly. 

<tip type="Tattle Telling" author="rob.smith">
I was trying to print out http://www.utpac.org/venue/seating.php and get the
seating charts and for the life of me would not print in IE, Firefox printed
half images, and Opera was kind enough to organize and print all the images.

The developer said that no one has informed him in over 4 years of printing
problems. My response, which was a wake up call, was "Or I'm the first
person in over 4 years that's bothered to tell you about it."

World, be nice to your neighborhood developers and let them know something
is wrong. Don't wait for "someone else" to do it.

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