[thelist] Re: Are you designing with CSS and web standards?

Denise@i-create.web denise at i-create.web.com
Fri Mar 11 11:21:02 CST 2005

>>I've tried to argue about "knowing CSS allows you to design within the
>>limitations of CSS and make designs that are actually implementable."  After
>>a lot of introspection I began to realize the fallacy of that particular
>>argument... namely, it's hinders the creativity of the designer (which means
>>disgruntled designer... which we don't want) and lends itself to "blogish"
>>looking sites.
>>Why, when you get down to it, are we bothering with pure CSS layout?

CSS is THE tool. It is a paint brush. It is not about limitations, it is about possibilities. Once you get to that thought, then you can move on. Blogish comes first, certainly, because it is easy while you are experimenting.


I recently came up with this site. It is pure CSS and that makes the design of the site load immediately, which is great.  Pure CSS naturally gets sites listed high in search engines. For SEO alone, I would say dump tables.

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