[thelist] Back up WSFTP Pro Settings

Stuart Young syoung at unitec.ac.nz
Wed Jul 27 00:00:08 CDT 2005

they are all in an .ini file aren't they? This is in the WS_FTP install folder, eg. C:\ProgramFiles\WS_FTP

You should be able to just copy the .ini file and not the entire folder. That's what I do anyway. I'm in the ridiculous position of having completely forgotten about 5 or so passwords for sites, so that I can't use any other FTP client except WS_FTP for those sites and then I have to copy the .ini file between computers to have the connection/password available.


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>>> rich at richpoints.com 27/07/2005 15:32:32 >>>
I've used WSFTP for years and have always had one problem with it.  As 
far as I can tell there is no way to back up and/or transfer the 
settings.  Does anyone know how to back these seatings up and transfer 
them to a different machine or the same machine after a format?


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