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Anthony Ettinger apwebdesign at yahoo.com
Thu Aug 25 14:54:17 CDT 2005

I typically decide on my hourly rate, and multiply it
by an estimate of how many hours it will take me
(giving a +/- margin in the bid) to complete the

As for ongoing maintenance: If I have a dedicated
server already (or they need one), then it makes sense
to charge them recurring fee for hosting + setup.

If I don't want the trouble associated with admining
the server, then I have them purchase their own
server/hosting account.

Web site updates I charge hourly rate as needed.

I've been burned on small projects, ie - quick fixes
to sites (people change the root password, and then
don't pay up). In this case, I try to get 50% upfront.

If it's a big project ($1000+ and it's a new client)
then I would write-up a legal-binding contract and
terms (probably need a lawyer for this, or can
download samples online).

I've heard there is contractor's insurance. I haven't
looked into it yet, but some people sware by it (ie -
you "f" something up, they can't sue you).

--- Mark Kamian <mhkamian at hotmail.com> wrote:

> Hi there,
> For the past few years my web development experience
> has been primarily 
> relegated to two large residential real-estate
> projects.  Recently, a small 
> commercial real estate firm has contacted me to
> design a site for them, a 
> project I am excited about both for its own merits
> and as a segue into 
> further such projects.
> They'll have six main sections: Home page, About Us,
> Featured Property 
> (changes every couple months), Listings, Services,
> and a Contact page.  For 
> the Listings info a simple, database-driven back-end
> with which they'll 
> input up to 15 fields will furnish a one-line
> summary page, along with a 
> detail page for each property.  It will be similar
> to this other site I 
> created: http://www.lcbassociates.com, but without
> the .pdf property detail 
> flyers.
> Where is he going with this, you ask?
> Well, since I don't have much experience with
> bidding projects, I was hoping 
> to get some advice on  average amounts in terms of
> Design and 
> Maintenance/Hosting pricing for something like this.
> I guess my question is this:  Do you developers out
> there charge a large 
> up-front design fee with minimal recurring hosting
> fees?  Or, vice-versa 
> with perhaps a longer contract term length?
> Any ideas on how much is the "right" amount for a
> project of this scope?  
> Very subjective topic, I realize, however any sage
> words will be 
> appreciated...
> Thanks,
> Mark
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