[thelist] Drupal Civicspace CMS. Newsletter feature?

Mike designbase10 at shaw.ca
Fri Nov 18 00:05:08 CST 2005

Thanks Ron,

What is the difference between Drupal and CivicSpace in terms of feature 
set and capability? I have read CivicSpace is based on Drupal and that 
would lead me to believe that Drupal has a greater feature set and more 
capability. Would this be true? You see, I am about to invest much time 
in learning CivicSpace and perhaps it might be better for me to instead 
spend my time learning Drupal if it would turn out to be even more 
useful than CivicSpace. What do you think?

Is it simply that Drupal takes longer to learn than CivicSpace? Of 
course a shorter learning curve would be an advantage to me however I 
would like to learn the tool that will be most useful to me in the 
future. If Drupal takes only a few more days to learn than CivicSpace I 
would gladly spend the extra time to learn a superior product. However 
if Drupal takes more than twice the time to learn than CivicSpace 
perhaps CivicSpace will have to suffice for most of my needs.

Currently my needs are to set up a political website for collaborating 
ideas together into a party platform. I would need a wiki component, a 
discussion forum component and an online poll system. I might also set 
up a second website users could add content to and users could subscribe 
to newsletters. My scope could be greater in the future and I therefore 
would need a CMS system that I could add features to later. I am not 
sure if I should rely on CivicSpace or Drupal.

Thanks for any thoughts,

Ron Dorman wrote:
> Civicspace is based on drupal and the folks there have contributed 
> several of the modules available.


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