[thelist] OS Multilingual portal/CMS application

Rob Clayburn rob at data-sphere.co.uk
Mon Mar 13 03:34:12 CST 2006

Joomla should allow multi language support via the component mamblefish:


I've successfully got it working with a site done in Mambo here:

It does however require you to hack into the core code a bit to get 
everything working.


e: rob at pollen-8.co.uk
w: www.pollen-8.co.uk

> -Main purpose is maintaining A  ML website and being a user portal
> Agreed, Joomla & Wordpress are good systems with a wide audience and active 
> forums but they are not multilanguage....
> meaning NOT that i just can install another language for the website but 
> maintain and configure a complete website with articles that are available 
> in different languages. ( in our case 3-5 for a start )
> As far as as know Joomla is not ready with ML support.... as many are 
> not...hence my question here..

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