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Christian Heilmann codepo8 at gmail.com
Mon Jul 17 09:38:59 CDT 2006

> Hi all,
> I have an application with 2 pages, the query and results page...from
> the results page the user can click on the "back" link( which is at
> the bottom of the results page)to go back to the query page..bt i am
> using frames here so when the user clicks on "back" the user is taken
> to the query page bt to the bottom of the page.....how can i take the
> user to the top of the query page? Is it possible to do so using
> window.location? If so do i have use window.location onload? What
> would be the best way to take the user to the top of the page--
> without adding any extra links like "go to top" etc...

You can add a target to the back link that is in the beginning of the
document. So for example if you have a header in the document with the
results page with the ID "header" you can link back via

If you provide a back link via JavaScript (which is a bad idea, as you
cannot assume JavaScript to be available) you can use

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