[thechat] Sep 15 - Austin Beervolt

Luther, Ron Ron.Luther at compaq.com
Thu Aug 23 07:31:44 CDT 2001

We be dere!  Got our reservations sorted out yesterday!

[Erm ... actually ... We've only made arrangements for lodging ... We may or
may not still have ... "reservations"!  Ha!]


(Who's off [Now THAT'S an understatement!] leaving Saturday for a 10 day
jaunt through the Pennsylvanian savannah and then on to tropical Cleveland,
Ohio {Casaba capital of the Midwest!} for some much needed rest and

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Subject: Re: [thechat] Proposed Central Texas/Austin Beervolt A

> Saturday, September 15, 6pm-ish
> http://gingermanpub.com/austin/a-frame.html

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