[thechat] Win2k Net access problem

Seb seb at members.evolt.org
Wed Nov 28 11:50:23 CST 2001

>You might be right.  It is set up as a virtual server but I don't have any
>problem seeing it from here.
>Whatever - try this:
>Thanks for looking,

No probs, bored now anyway. (Yay! Vampire lesbian witch reference!)

Right, gotcha. Try enabling Netbios over TCP in the TCP/IP advanced settings.

Go into BINDINGS for your linksys adapter, and check that TCP/IP is 
*higher* in the list than netbeui. In fact, unless you're relying on 
netbeui to run your home network, you can ditch it. Although it's more 
reliable for small lans, the netbeui protocol is not routable, so it's 
completely useless if you need to access the internet or other subnet 
segments. If the binding for netbeui is higher priority than for tcp/ip in 
your card bindings, you ain't going nowhere, and you'll go there real slow.

If this doesn't help, shout and I'll ask you for more screenshots to 
diagnose the problem.



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