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Olly Hodgson gnarly at punkass.com
Fri Jan 4 20:04:09 CST 2002

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> >My digicam takes 4 AA batteries. I'm gonna buy some rechargeables. Are
> >the ones to get? NiCads? Something entirely different?
> Check the NiMHs carefully: they come [at least in the AA sizes] in a
> variety of capacities: the 1300s and 1500s seem fairly common, though
> you can get 2000s, and they're the ones I'd recommend.

I got some 1700s today - I wasnt aware they came in different ratings, but
the guy at the counter knew his stuff and pointed me in the right direction.
Got a charger and the batteries for not a lot more than the batteries cost
on their own. Sorted.

> BTW, if you're going through Heathrow you can get Sony AAs in the
> duty free, and they're not only really really cheap seem to have a
> lot of oomph in them [certainly better than Duracells...]. Go to the
> liquor/cigs/candy store to get them though, they're the only ones
> that sell boxes of 20, Dixons only have 8s and 12s.

Thanks for the tip. Next time I fly out of there* I'll have a look.

- www.gnarly-bitches.co.uk -

* Dont hold your breath. I havent flown anywhere for about 5 years :-)

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