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At 11:36 PM 2/8/2002, you typed:

>Anybody watching?

Yep. I watched the whole opening ceremony. Tremendous.

><snip>The lighting, the stage, the costumes, the story.  It was
>entertaining and
>riveting from one scene to the next.  I was worried that the ceremonies were
>going to cover patriotism one scale bigger than SuperBowl, but the Salt Lake
>committee demonstrated their open-mindedness to the world around them and
>they are to be commended for making all the athletes and spectators
>world-wide for making us feel at home.

I was likewise impressed by how they handled everything. Beautiful
choreography, storyline, slogan... well, ditto to what you've said.

>Did you see the group of people they assembled to carry in the Olympic flag?
>*Amazing*  Can you *imagine* being in the green room with those 8 people?
>Can you imagine John Glenn saying "Wow! You're Steven Spielberg." Or Cathy
>Freeman saying "My god, I'm talking to Desmond Tutu!" Wow.

Exactly. Pretty downright astonishing to see those people together like
that. Perfectly appropriate and incredibly powerful to see. (geez, I can't
believe John Glenn is 80!! Time is whizzing....)

>I have a good feeling about these games.  And I'm not even talking sports.

Me, too. Sounds like they have good security going. Nothing is ever totally
perfect but they'll sure make it a whole lot tougher for terrorist
activity. It's interesting to me that there's the news coverage when
someone tries to blow up a plane or break into a cockpit is just part of
the news of the day now rather than the sensationalist topic for 2 weeks.
Don't know if that's bad or good....just an observation.

>Subtlety is an art.  Way to go Salt Lake.

Yes indeed. It was a beautiful show. I want to watch it again, and I should
have thought to tape it. I look forward to the next 2 weeks watching,
that's for sure.

G'night for now....


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