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Shirley Kaiser skaiser1 at skdesigns.com
Sat Feb 9 17:44:00 CST 2002

At 12:04 AM 2/9/2002, you typed:
>| The Cream of Clapton
>| Anybody got anything better to suggest?
>| Terry
>As a pretty representative Clapton album, that's probably the one. If you
>wanna hear his absolute best playing, nothing he's ever done compares to
>'From the Cradle.' Yeah, it's all old blues, and he didn't write a bit of
>it. It's the most passionate his playing ever got, and the solos in 'It
>Hurts Me Too' and 'Someday After While' nearly topple SRV's 'Things That I
>Used to Do' from the pillar of 'Best Blues Guitar Solo of All Time.'

Ah, these sound good, Joel. I'm going to keep these in mind. I like Clapton
but wouldn't know what to buy.

><snipping political discussion, and I agree with being tactful>
>I suggest against mixing the barbecue chicken pizza with the deluxe sausage
>pizza. Or maybe it's the CBC's new Scots Ale. Anyway, take something for
>your headache BEFORE you fall asleep, or a pleasant evening may end up less

Ouch. Sounds like a not-so-fun way to wake up. Did you like the Scots Ale?

During and after all my European travel in the 1980s I became especially
fond of more full-bodied beers, even liking dark beers (previously dark
beers had tasted too 'strong' to me). Other beers that I'd previously liked
fine started tasting like diluted, watered-down beer, and I no longer liked
it nearly as well. There are many local micro-breweries here in northern
California that I like pretty well, too, and I also like to support the
smaller businesses anyway. It's a fun adventure to explore.

In Austria there's a beer with my last name that I liked a lot, too --
Kaiser bier. I only find it rarely here, though. :-(  I still have a bunch
of Kaiser bier coasters that I snitched from the local pubs in Vienna,
Salzburg and elsewhere. Fun times....


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