[thechat] Toronto Beervolt

Michele Foster michele at wordpro.on.ca
Sun Feb 10 14:53:10 CST 2002

Hi Folks ...

I feel so out of it .. not being subscribed to thelist nor thechat.  :(  Oh
well, working on better time management skills and getting things sorted
out.  Hopefully, one day I'll be able to participate more.

This Saturday, one of our fellow evolters .. Dean Mah, is flying into
Toronto for a few days.  Aside from Dean, Rudy and I (and hopefully Adrian)
.. are there other Torontonians interesting in a beervolt on Saturday or
Sunday night?  If so, please get in contact with me.  I'll skim through the
archives of thechat and thelist too.  :)

Dean's a great hockey fan .. and I was thinking it would be nice to go to a
Sports bar.  Don Cherry's or Gretzky's ??  Thoughts?  (Sorry Rudy.. ;)  USA
is playing Russia on Saturday .. that's sure to be a good game.

For those of you that may not know, Dean does a lot of backend work for
evolt.org.  The Tip Harvester is his main project .. and he helps out a lot
with list problems when Dan's away.  No one's ever met him .. yet he's been
with evolt.org since Day 1 (or thereabouts).  I'll be sure to have my camera
ready .. as there aren't even any photos available of him yet .. hehehe

Anyway, let me know if you would like to get together with us.



A weak tip .. but rather important.  :)

<tip type="subject lines" author="Mishka">

Several of you have probably noticed a sporadic delay in sending messages to
thelist.  Why you ask?  Well, one of the newest reasons is that .djc has
implemented some fancy filtering based on subject lines.  Key words used by
Spammers, are being filtered against.  These messages are held for Admin
approval.  So, if you post a message and it doesn't make it through in a
reasonable time (a) be patient, several of us check the queue a few times a
day; (b) if its urgent, and you are *sure* you are sending only plain text,
take a good close look at your subject line.  Just a suggestion.  :)

Also, we discovered earlier this week... using HTML mark-up in subject lines
makes a mess of our list archives.  We should be able to fix last week's
messages without a major problem.  Something to keep in mind.  Thanks.  :)


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