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Tue Jul 2 09:22:01 CDT 2002

Hi Javier,

Gee.  That struck me a little odd.  I guess I viewed mistakes in a different light - they usually tell me how 'close' I'm getting to the right answer ... For many years I used to tell people I was very good with computers BECAUSE "I can make more mistakes *faster* than just about anyone".  Eliminate the wrong approaches and 'poof' you have the answer!

.. of course, people who don't spend a lot of time fooling with code generally give you a really odd look for bragging about making a lot of mistakes!


FWIW, I've kind of visualized my code as a flowing stream of water ... which lets me quickly pound out which processes need to be placed 'upsteam' of the other processes. I can quickly see where some new routine needs to be added because I know where it will be used. Hmmm ... I guess I use that same metaphor in wiring my stereo gear together too!

(Who once [and only once] documented code that did not do what it was told!)

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The part I fail at is that ennerving strictness of code, that's the main issue that keeps me away from the world of code...

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