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% So I guess his problem is that people in the US could possibly even THINK
% about doing things he doesn't agree with.

Wilful misrepresentation.  His problem is that your
government (all three branches) seeks to impose its
will without its borders.  *If* something as retarded
as the DOS-attack bill gets passed, which isn't
remotely any more stupid than DMCA or CARP, then
he's advocating that the rest of the world take
a fuck-you attitude and start quarantining the US
at a gateway level.

Which, from a technical and virus-protection level,
would be a reasonably sensible move.

Lots of US net users (not necessarily including Matt
here) seem to be of the opinion that the net can't
function without them - it's not remotely true.  If
the US starts virus-flooding the planet in that way,
you can bet that the EU'll have its walls up inside
a month, enforced by already-existing laws.


(Who's been john at gn.apc.org since June 1988, incidentally,
on a node which never received so much as a cent from
any government (least of all that of the United States),
and grew out of a hybrid of JANET, Fidonet, UUCP and
X25.  He therefore takes no small amount of umbrage at
suggestions that the efforts of the people involved were
just dismissed from such a position of ignorance.)

John Handelaar

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