[thechat] US criticised over Muslim checks

Ken Kogler ken.kogler at curf.edu
Thu Oct 3 12:10:01 CDT 2002

> I disagree.  I think there *is* profiling involved.  In both cases
> I was the first person pulled aside for the second security check.  I
> watched the security folks looking around before they picked me. My
> guess is that they feel they have to start with a white middle aged
> guy in order to avert charges of 'profiling' or 'discrimination'.

Did you see Robin William's stand-up special on HBO? He had a good bit
about airport security:

"Ladies and gentlemen, before we board flight 5, we're just going to do
a few random bag checks... These are totally random. I'm just going to
read off a few names... Hassem bin Seen? Akim Milay? Judy Smith?"

> (2) I do take offense ... primarily at the insinuation that travelors
> like myself are expected to believe that these half-assed measures are
> actually improving security.  IMHO it's all "sizzle" and no "steak".

Well, yeah, but sadly there are a lot of people who feel safer with
these measures in place, which means more people fly, which (I guess)
helps get the economy back on track...

After all, if you hear a sizzle, don't you assume there's steak on the

> The question is "why"?  Is it an accounting matter - operating expense
> is easier to impact than balance sheet side security investments?  Is
> it "PR" - a visible show that they are "doing something"?  Is it
> "lobbying" - deliberately annoying their consumers in order to gain
> support for government intervention?

It's a lot like Tom Ridge's color-coding system. Next time a terrorist
attack occurs, he can say "There was no intelligence faliure. We TOLD
you it was an orange day!"

Way to step up and take action, Mr Homeland Security.

> Disgruntled Flyer,

Disgruntled flyer who hates the train even more,


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