Curta - Was: Re: [thechat] S A T Movies

Bob Davis bob at
Tue Jul 8 20:34:46 CDT 2003

On Tuesday, July 8, 2003, at 07:50 AM, Drew Shiel wrote:

> At 07:39 08/07/2003 -0500, Bob Davis wrote:
>> That, and I'm reading Pattern Recognition by William Gibson, which 
>> mentions Curtas, though briefly, so they're on the mind.
>   How're you finding Pattern Recognition? I looked at it in a bookshop 
> at the weekend, but I'm going to wait until the paperback comes out, I 
> think. E25 still too much for a novel, even a Gibson.

I'm liking it. The language and style were a bit of a shock coming off 
of Harry Potter, but now that I'm into it, the initial shock has gone 
and I'm really liking the story. The story is similar at its core to 
another Gibson story (from the sprawl series - but I can't remember the 
name of it, and they're packed up still).

>   Actually, one bookshop had it at E25. Across the road, marked 
> "Special Price", it was E26.50. That's not the usual meaning of 
> "Special", guys.

I got it for just under USD20.00 - Barnes and Nobles has best sellers 
at 30% off all the time.


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