[thechat] Solid Body Guitars WAS: guitar ka-ka

Terry Fowler quackamoe at yahoo.com
Thu Apr 8 22:55:08 CDT 2004

So, I've been wondering about solid body electric 
guitars lately. When I was in school I had a truly
junk solid body electric*, whereas one friend had
a Fender Esquire (single-pickup version of Telecaster)
and another one had a Jaguar. Several guys had Strats.

Then there's the Gibson SG and Flying V and the Les
Paul. And oh so many more.

My question:  does the shape and thickness of the
bodies affect the sound at all or is it just cosmetic
and only the strings/pickups/other electronics
make a difference in the actual sound?


* I eventually bought a Guild Starfire in 1974 for
  $350.  I sold it in 1981 for $350. Grrrrr.

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