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Martin wrote:
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> [1] In a scottish chippy, a $foo supper is $foo with chips.

Worst and most heinous of all is the treatment of smoked sausage suppers 
dahn sath ... When I was working in Chelmsford, I frequented the same chippy 
for about 4 months, but the first time I had a hankering for a smokey 
supper, I went in and asked for just that - a smoked sausage supper.  I got 
saveloy instead.

Now, my local chippies usually use these - - Mattesons Smoked 
Pork Sausages ... not fucking saveloys :P  However, that Chelmsford chippy 
(Mrs. Cod, iirc, on Moulsham Street) did a mean Chicken and Mushroom pie, 
and there's a no bad kebab shop (Mr. Kebab!) next door :)

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