[thechat] My baby is one year old!

Luther, Ron ron.luther at hp.com
Thu Dec 2 14:36:49 CST 2004

Morgan Kelsey grinched:

> A band might be nice ...

>>What are you nuts? (nevermind, don't answer)

I'll take the fifth ... well ... I'll take *A* fifth at any rate!

(Although I might settle for a minor third.)

>>Don't you know a band takes up the space of at *least* one table? 
>>[snip of more whiney-butt blah blah moo wuff blather]

Dude, you need to take the wifey out more! Some of my favorite 
restaurants feature live bands on a regular basis.  Heck ... I've 
even 'evoltspotted' our own Spinhead laying down a fine baseline 
in a nice restaurant.

And I have very fond memories of dancing a nice tango (with a nice lady) 
to piped in music while waiting for our lobsters to finish their boiling 
backstroke in a nice seafood restaurant in Annapolis ... the owner 
watched us while we laughingly weaved our way around the tables in 
his establishment, heard the applause from the other patrons, and came 
out, smiling, to thank us personally - he had never seen anyone have so 
much fun in his restaurant before!

So Yes, Yes I say ... music and dancing blend well with a celebration 
at an eatery establishment! ... and it's -fun- too! ... Dang it!

>>Yep, my music degree looks REAL nice on my wall.
I keep my applied degrees in theoretical math folded away somewhere in 
an affine hypersurface ... sotto voce: wouldn't want to frighten the 
children you know!

>>Right next to my cuckoo clock.(really)
Oh Man! ... my Black Forest beauty is gathering dust in a closet these 
days ... concerns over small grandchildren attempting to play Tarzan or 
something ... not sure wifey will ever let me crank it back up again 
... waaaah.

Soooo ... how 'bout another game or two of chess?



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