[thechat] Alternative to English ivy?

Sean German ethanol at mathlab.sunysb.edu
Tue Apr 19 12:18:42 CDT 2005


Reaching out to all the green thumbs out there, I'm looking for some
low-maintenance ground cover and like the look of English ivy (hedera
helix).  I don't like how aggressively it will spread and potentially
threaten trees in the area.

Any recommendations on possible alternatives?  Something that spreads on the
ground is acceptable; my concern is a non-native plant spreading by seed to
neighbors' yards and near-by wooded areas.  This is for Massachusetts, US of
A, hardiness zone 5b/6a.  


Sean G. 

"I'd like to bury my face in two dozen 'Krispy Kreme' glazed donuts & just
lie there & think about Hello Kitty!"--Zippy


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