[thechat] Harryhausen?

Luther, Ron Ron.Luther at hp.com
Fri Feb 3 09:53:16 CST 2006


Okay ... color me 'clueless' ... I admit it ... I didn't get it.

In the movie "Monsters, Inc." there is a big scene that takes 
place in a restaurant named "Harry Hausen's".

That went totally over my head.  I missed it.

Yesterday I finally realized that was a nod to Ray Harryhausen. 
The filmmaker and special effect pioneer responsible for such 
classic gems as "Earth vs the Flying Saucers", "It Came From 
Beneath The Sea", "Mighty Joe Young", "20 Million Miles to 
Earth", and "One Million Years BC".  (Okay, so he did the 
Sinbad movies too. I didn't care for those as much.)

Pretty neat now that I now about it!!


(Who also recently noticed that the 'Termite Terrace' boys 
may have snuck some things past the censors in the old WB 

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