[thechat] Air Purifier Gizmos?

Hassan Schroeder hassan at webtuitive.com
Wed Sep 5 14:45:55 CDT 2007

Luther, Ron wrote:

> Been thinking about picking up one of them room air purifier thingummys.

> Like maybe a middle of the road Sharper Image unit kind of thing.

mmm. My wife was all over that idea a few years ago, so we got one
of the $300+ jobs, a "Quadra" I think.

It collected black guck on the filter element, but it was so *NOT*
silent, getting progressively worse to the point I couldn't sleep
with it running in the bedroom, so we junked it.

Dunno that it did much when it did work, but then we've got two
indoor long-haired cats plus two dogs, so that's an uphill battle
(Humans vs. The Dust Bunnies). Plus we pretty much always have
windows and doors open, even at night; if you're in a "sealed"
situation (due to being on either end of the temperature and/or
humidity extremes) it may work much differently.

I will say, if anyone else has hairy animals -- we just replaced
our old semi-expensive-but-crappy vacuum cleaner with an expensive
"doesn't lose suction" job, and the amount of stuff it pulled out
of the living room rug on its maiden voyage was /phenomenal/. :-)

The house certainly *felt* cleaner!

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