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Joel D Canfield joel at bizba6.com
Tue Jun 3 11:04:44 CDT 2008

> Heh ... But at least you can still replace those albums with 
> CDs for a decent price on Amazon!   Grrrrr.

True, but the rest of your rant will apply eternally to albums like Neil
Young's "Time Fades Away" 'cause he won't release it, and you can only
get John Sebastian's "Tarzana Kid" (awesome Americana before it was
called that) as part of a four CD compilation, not as the original
album. My favorite Kid Creole album doesn't seem to exists as a CD
either. ("No, no, no, don't take my coconuts . . . ")

And don't even get me started on albums subsumed by Someone Else's
Pitiful Collection due to divorce.

> I thought this "long tail" bologna was supposed to make 
> replacing old/rare/forgotten stuff cheap and easy.  Right?  
> I've been finding lately that it ain't necessarily so!

It's slow. Remember the Monk/Trane show at Carnegie that was lost for 50
years, turned up at the Libe of Cong three years ago?

There's also the preposterous shenanigans of juggling the flaming
chainsaws of intellectual property. It took 15 years before someone
released the Crosby/Hope 'Road' movies on CD because no one was sure who
actually owned 'em, and they all knew whoever released the CD would get
sued just as a matter of course. Now I don't even remember who did it.

> with the SAHB 'Live' album?  $80??  Eighty?  Izzat a typo?  
> Did they press the freakin' thing in solid gold?  That's just nuts!

And do you notice that this applies to albums you want to buy, not ones
you want to sell? I'll bet if I were trying to get rid of my Mothers of
Invention "Freak Out" it'd sell for, like, three dollars.

> Check it out.  Amazon still wants $40 for 'Songs For 
> Beginners'???  $40!!  N*F*W!  I downloaded the album from 
> Wal*Mart for $9.72 or some stupid number like that.  Even 
> remembered to grab a copy of 'Immigration Man' while I was there too!

I retract what I said earlier. If I sell my spare copy for $30, do I
win? I also have 'Wild Tales' and most of his stuff with Crosby; all on

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