[thechat] Election Sweepstake

Erika ekm at seastorm.com
Mon Oct 27 20:32:35 CDT 2008

Obama is a fucking rockstar.

Freakoid Internet libertarians aside, (luv ya, Matt!) Obama is downright 
inspiring.  Dude isn't perfect (as his 404 page reports... oh shit, 
Obama's 404 totally pwns evolt's 404... that's a sad thing)

but as far as someone who has achieved presidential level in this 
country, he has more integrity than we've seen since Jimmy Carter.  He's 
  articulate, smart, savvy -- he's like a Kennedy, but Africanized, and 
without the philandering.  Also, he's got a fucking awesome logo... it's 
got kind of a feminine vibe to it.


I can't even say how much I'm inspired that he is who he is, and where 
he is. Yeah, I don't like his stance on certain things, just because I'm 
a hardcore progressive.  I hate the idea of nuclear power (and 
associated nuclear waste) and I hate when he tries to get all hardcore 
about military stuff and I find the stance on gay marriage a bit 
wussy... but I understand it.  I understand the edge a guy like that has 
to walk.

Barack Obama is a rockstar o rama.   It would be cool if he could put on 
a superman cape and stop the polar ice from melting but I'm not sure he can.


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