[thechat] Rockstars and Ninjas

Luther, Ron Ron.Luther at hp.com
Fri Aug 13 07:51:07 CDT 2010

Martin Burns suggests:

>>Chris nails it:

Hi Martin,

I disagree.  (But then again, I *am* a diva ... so it is a bit natural that I would disagree!)   ;-)

I wouldn't say he's gotten it entirely wrong.  He correctly pegs the 'myth of consensus', for example.  The issue is that not everyone can do the 9-to-5 grind it out slowly routine and be happy with that.  Some of us work best by magical leaps and bounds and thrive in that atmosphere without ever burning out.

Now I know you've been through at least 20 different variations of Myers-Briggs ... I think you should consider us "rockstar/ninjas" as just another type of talent to draw upon.  Can we be a pain in the ass?  Yes, royally.  Are we difficult to manage?  Absolutely! [1]  Can we be a valuable asset?  Yeah, I think that's equally undeniable.


(Now where the hell are my green M&Ms?????)

[1] I think this is the actual crux of the matter.  Boring, slow, and mediocre is preferable because it's easier/simpler to manage ... [possibly yet another angle of "don't make me think"] ... and, remember, what makes the manager's life easiest is, after all, what's best for the company!

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