[Theforum] Featured article positioning and concept

aardvark roselli at earthlink.net
Thu Nov 15 09:11:12 CST 2001

> From: "isaac" <isaac at members.evolt.org>
> > i could dig that, keeping in mind that an image with, say, black
> > text wouldn't work too well in my stealth style, or else it would be
> > a big white/light box... i think it's dangerous to start adding
> > images, and aliasing can be an issue with different bg colors...
> > perhaps by not letting authors create their titles?  for instance,
> > the
> what's a priority? using images in articles that might contrast
> strangely with non-standard colouring, or allowing people to surf the
> site in their favourite colours?

dunno... anyone?  or was that supposed to be rhetorical?

either way, i'm sure we can figure out the best way to do it...

> > CSS / custom styles issue alone could make it too difficult...
> >
> > what about the ALA approach?
> and what is that? all header graphics are done by a core group?


> i'm happy with that.

good, you're it... hah!

> as for image appearance on non-standard CSS backgrounds - well, what
> can you do? sit it on a white background and hope that works with
> anything is probably the best approach.

probably... aliased edges would be necessary otherwise, and 
probably sticking with straight black or white text if there's no 
image bg... or make the image a giant block, so it can sit on 
anything, even if it does clash...

of course, liquidity gets wonky... unless we use CSS to override 
user prefs in certain spots (which is eminently do-able)...

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