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Madhu Menon webguru at vsnl.net
Thu Nov 15 15:52:38 CST 2001

At 03:14 AM 11/16/2001, you wrote:
>For sure. What's stopping you adding this to your articles right now? I
>already put my name, site and email address and would be happy to expand it.
>Should we set a precendent of approving articles with bios of roughly that
>length? (I think so).
>As for self-promotion, I am not against such bios including something like:
>"Bob is available to consider writing opportunities or freelance Web
>contracts." It has to be attractive for potential authors to write articles.

Well, Isaac, I've just got to agree completely with you.

Adding it to the end of the articles is the simplest solution that I 
thought of initially. What I'd like us to do is perhaps make it a little 
more obvious that we don't *mind* if people do this, as long as it's 
relatively decent. (i.e., if your bio sounds terribly desperate, you're 
probably hurting your chances more than helping). Also, we could put this 
into the writer's guidelines.

I think 3 lines should be acceptable.

Glad to see we're in agreement. So... what do we do next?

While I'm on my thinking streak, do we make any special efforts to promote 
outstanding articles on the Web? Is our propoganda minister in charge of 
that? The more people that link to our site, the more recognition evolt, 
thelist, and writers get. Getting mentioned in a place like Tomalak's Realm 
drives a fair bit of traffic to sites.


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