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> 1. Before week's end I will talk with Wells Fargo about opening a 
> business account for evolt.org. 

Consider an online-only account.  If not, I'd hope a -really- low
cost account is available.

> Who should be a signatory on the bank account?

Just a note: Paypal has MasterCard ATM cards available at no cost.
This allows easy withdrawal of funds.

> 3. Once the bank account is established, I would also like to create 
> an evolt.org PayPal account, which will point to the evolt.org bank 
> account for downloading and uploading money. What email address 
> should we use (maybe treasurer at evolt.org)? The email address should 
> come to me, but shouldn't use my name.

That sounds good.  I don't want to sound like a PayPal pusher, but I've
had nothing but great dealings with them.

> Should we also have a fax number?

An EFAX - so it can be directed anywhere and quickly changed if needed.
> 4.a. ALL donations to evolt.org should go through the treasurer.

I think this is right, except in the rare case where someone says to me,
"here's some $ for evolt."  I'd encourage them to send it in directly,
but if it came to losing the $$, I'd accept it and turn it in myself.

> If we want to talk about 
> receiving credit card donations, that's another can of worms...


> 4.b. I must be alerted--immediately--to ALL purchases on behalf of evolt.org.
> All purchases must be recorded. All receipts must be kept and mailed 
> or faxed to me (if I'm not making the purchase). Funds for purchases 
> should only come from the evolt.org bank account, unless someone is 
> purchasing the item and donating the item to evolt.org. See 4.c ...

This sounds a little restrictive.  If the opportunity presents itself to
obtain something of need - and timing is important - there should not be
any restriction on continuing that purchase and getting reimbursed by
the treasurer.  Of course, there should be some restriction on who can
purchase what.  Or can I buy that new car for evolt.org and drive it
for a while?  ;>)

Great work, Marlene.

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