[Theforum] What do you want to do ? Faster, evolt, kill kill!

Ron Dorman rwd at csi1st.net
Thu Apr 18 16:47:26 CDT 2002

aardvark wrote:

>>From: Ron Dorman <rwd at csi1st.net>
>>I agree that we need backups, and backups to the backups.  Dan has
>>several people in those roles now and I feel confident that we will be
>>fine while we get things in order.
>not everyone feels that confidence... i know i didn't until i saw the
>list of people helping out, and then i lost confidence in a different
>>My main point in my response to Erika is that there is too much of
>>this "Dan in charge" crap going on and it has distracted from what
>>really needs to be done.  People have begun to focus on issues and
>>details that would be handled by getting organized and cooperative.
>>Cooperative is the key word I think.
>i think the problem is that too many people perceive a roadblock to
>that happening... i myself have taken that approach on admin, tried
>to help consolidate and move responsibilities *away* from admin on
> many occassions...  but when it comes time to grant access, or
>provide information on who has it, it seems the information isn't as
>forthcoming as some would like... again, few people outside of dan
>knew who had access while he's away, a few of them didn't even
>know they had access...
>past experience is the buzzkill here...
you make a good point.  many people to perceive a roadblock here.  but
you and I know that perceptions are seldom reality.  perceptions are
what people chose to believe.  They are often skewed by inaccurate
information and especially by inaccurate information being repeated over
and over and .....

I believe Dan has done, and will continue to do, what is best for
evolt.org.  I believe this in spite of all the things that have been
said.  I believe this way because I have looked past the yammering of
the theforum and admin lists to what happens on the other lists and the
evolt sites.  I see the participation in other areas and lack of
participation in this area.  A lot of good people want to contribute and
help but walk away from here because of what goes on here.  I don't
blame them one bit.  If I were not so stubborn, and I did not love the
concept and dream of evolt.org, I would walk also.  I am stubborn, and I
do love the concept and dream of evolt.org, and I will not be quite
while it is threatened.

>>I think Michele's idea would be a good start in the direction or
>>organizing.  I don't care where it gets done, just that we do it in a
>>cooperative way that us volunteers involved in it are comfortable
>>working with.
>you mean the list?  already started, might as well add to it now
>while everyone likes the idea...
well, some did, some didn't .

>>In-fighting and dissent has to go away.  This has to be done with open
>>minds looking for good solutions.
>it seems to me that's what's going on, but you can't erase past
>experience with a wave of the hand...
very true.  it will take time and refinement after practice.  but unless
the dissent goes away and people work with open minds, we will have more
of what we have.

    "How can you expect different results if you continue to do what you
are doing?"

>>How about we have a cease-fire until Dan returns from vacation?  I
>>don't think these things should be going on without his participation.
>i've been absent from some pretty important stuff here, some of
>directly related to my perceived duties with evolt...  and we've got
>momentum... no reason for one person's absence to halt it, it never
>has before...
>we're not *doing* anything anyway, just talking this all through...
ok, I thought it only fair to include Dan since most of this is directed
at him being "the one in charge" and being less than good leadership.

I do not share the opinions that Dan has excluded, denied and cut off
people truly trying to help evolt.  I do not share the opinion that Dan
is bad leadership.  So let's get it hashed out, buried and move on to a
better evolt.org.

Ron D.

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