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% Is it open for relaying?

Who you calling an amateur?  Of course it's not :-)

% I can point MG to it as a host and we can
% see how it works.

Would that actually save any bandwidth at Ron's end?  I'm
thinking not, but that might be a different interpretation
between us as to what constitutes a relay in the context
of Mailman...

...actually, I was thinking that .forwarding entire
lists like thechat away to eouk or similar would be
more effective in cutting the throughput.

My own box is slightly less well-specced than eouk
and doesn't really have any trouble running MM2.13,
Qmail, Apache and MySQL with the web server chugging
its way through about 3Gb/day all on its own.  LEO
is much more loaded in process terms, innit?

% The biggest problem that I found with the relay
% servers were open connections that never completed.  When running
% sendmail you could easily get over 200 processes within a minute.
% postfix seems to have a more elegant way of handling that.

/me has no idea what's installed.  Postfix or Qmail would
be my preferred options, though, for sure.

Still, in the next few days I get to find out whether
my own no-bandwidth-cap box is getting renewed for free
for 12 months (long story).  If so...  <g>

John Handelaar

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