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.jeff jeff at members.evolt.org
Mon Sep 9 10:38:35 CDT 2002

dean & john,

> From: Dean Mah
> > % I can point MG to it as a host and we can
> > % see how it works.
> I'm not entirely sure.  It looks like for every message
> that comes in, MG specifies multiple-recipients for each
> message and sends it to a relay host.  So the load to
> leo is a list of recipients and the message once.  It's
> then up to the relay to separate out the recipients and
> e-mail the message once for each person.  The load is on
> the relay.
> > ...actually, I was thinking that .forwarding entire
> > lists like thechat away to eouk or similar would be
> > more effective in cutting the throughput.
> That's the same thing except that MG *should* (don't
> know) be able to split up the traffic between multiple
> relays.
> If we forward the list, will you be using mailman to
> distribute on your side?  Where will the archives and
> the list administration sit?

is there any reason why we can't just plan to point lists.evolt.org over to the e.o.uk box?  the benefit in that is that all list traffic is then off the network and we can get rid of two boxes (the relays) as they'll be unnecessary.  i don't think i need to say this, but less hardware equals less cost (colo, depreciation, etc.).


jeff at members.evolt.org

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