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Jeff Howden jeff at jeffhowden.com
Wed Jun 4 20:13:31 CDT 2003


> From: John Handelaar
> > why isn't this being discussed on the appropriate
> > lists so those who wish to be involved can do so?
> Erm, not being funny or anything, but William and I
> (to name but two) have posted this stuff repeatedly
> to this list, steering and sysadmin.

i'm not finding anything post-migration in the steering archives, sysadmin
archives, or theforum archives.  i'm aware of the conversations before the
migration, but nothing since.  william's comment seemed to indicate there
was some recent (very?) discussion about it.

> b)  It has generated offers roughly equivalent to $80
>     per month that I'm aware of in the last 24 hours,
>     which puts us a gnat's fart away from being able to
>     get a second Rackshack box and fix our performance
>     problems.  I'll talk to Elfur/Marlene tomorrow so
>     that we can rope them all in, and

let's not forget that evolt.org is currently not being invoiced for the
hosting of weo, which is currently sucking up about 20gigs of data transfer
each month:


i'm not saying i'm going to invoice.  i consider that *my* contribution to
the community.   but, let's not get in a hurry to increase our monthly
expenditures without figuring out how to cover the expenses that we already
have.  not complaining, just my 2¢.

> c)  On which subject, it occurs to me that Paypal has a
>     facility for 'Subscriptions' (monthly recurring
>     payments), and we're not using it.  Can we, please?
>     If that means we need a biz account, then so much
>     the better 'cos then we can get Marlene one of their
>     Mastercard debit cards and pay for it by CC like
>     that.


by using the cc for payments, we could also be earning a cash back dividend
as well.


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