[theforum] Sound of many waters - wuz - RE: A sound of silence

Luther, Ron Ron.Luther at hp.com
Fri Nov 21 14:10:07 CST 2008

The Amazing Mr. Matt Warden trumpeted a call to arms ... or at least a call to whiteboard ideas on how to revive the community that once was:

Okay (just throwing some random stuff out there y'all and, ifn it's from me, it's pretty far out there anyways).

How About:

(0.1) A 'voices of evolt' once a week blog.  You sign up like amateur night at the club and when your turn comes up we pass over the keyboard and <bam /> it's your turn to blog under a 'voices of evolt' banner.  I imagine there might be one or two potentially interesting database security issues to tussle with (One time keys?  Timed password expiration?  Need to retain author ability to reply to comments!) to make that a reality.

(e) There must be some kind of 'community twitter account' thing we could get our hands on and use in a similar way - almost like letting the world listen in to #evolt.  [Anybody tried logging in on different boxen?  Can we serial?  Or do we have to time-multiplexen?]  Interesting self-regulatory issues in that boojum!

(3.14159) evoltacasts?  Didn't we have a number of NPR type streaming av phreaks around here?  Can't we have an audio or video interview with Rudy?  Or have .jeff and Matt square off for a few 3 minute rounds over Ruby on Rails?  ;-P  ['Course we'd need a shiny ring girl for that! Yowza!]

(This number reserved for future use) I would like to see (and contribute) more fun off-the-wall evolt footers.  The irreverence was part of the charm.  {The crunchy part - IIRC.}

(42) The evolt theme song competition.  When a <tip> just isn't quite payment enough ... you'll have to sing our theme song on an evoltacast.  [Kinda like losing on not being smarter than a 5th grader.]

(99 bottles of something on the wall) Didn't we (once upon a time) have some misguided ideas for regular 'design deconstruction' articles or something on popular sites of the day?  What's good?  What's bad?  What's Ugly?  Useability errors?  Or maybe some just plain silliness competitions - find the most outlandish use of ajax, worst photoshop, stupidest captcha, etc.?  I seem to remember some of the old ideas like this that never quite got off the ground as being kind of interesting - and bite size, so it wouldn't take a bajillion people-moths to do.  {Yeah, I know, I was gonna say 'people-months' - but I mispelt it and then decided against correcting it because 'people-moths' just feels *right*.  Have _you_ hugged your people-moth today?}

Respectfully (Aw, who am I trying to kid?),

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