[thesite] 2nd Annual evolt.org Beach Blanket Bingo Birthday Extravaganza!

Daniel J. Cody djc at five2one.org
Tue Dec 12 18:34:41 CST 2000

Just last Tuesday it was only 9 days away, only yesterday it was 3 days  
fore, but day after tomorrow it will be here - the 2nd Annual evolt.org 
Beach Blanket Bingo Birthday Extravaganza!

This 14th of December, we'll be celebrating our 2nd anniversary, and its 
become(ing) tradition for evolt members to contribute some  thoughts and 
reflections about this grande social experiment we call evolt.org .  I'd 
just like to remind everyone that we welcome member contributions to the 
evolt.org site@ http://evolt.org this year as well, and I'd encourage 
your participation! You can see  some samples from last years 
contributers here:


Attaching comments to other members articles is also a nice way to share 
your experience's if you don't have the will to write a larger article 
like those above.

Feel free to share with the rest of the evolt community! All you have to 
do is head to our website at http://evolt.org, register
a username(if you dont already have one), and click on the 'submit' or 
'comments' links to share your thoughts.

Thanks in advance for everyone's participation in evolt during the last 


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