new site changes (was: RE: [thesite] some constructive critic ism)

aardvark roselli at
Fri Dec 15 14:22:20 CST 2000

> From: McCreath_David <McCreath_David at>
> >> 3) I took the nowrap attribute off the far left column because the larger
> >> text size was making the main content column sooooo narrow (at 640x480)
> that
> >> it lost importance. 
> >
> >looks good... makes me wonder what removing it will break, since 
> >it had to have been there for a reason... not to worry now, though...
> Near as I can tell, it was to keep the date from wrapping (which happens
> when the topic/center name is shorter than the date on the article page). I
> was figuring that it was put on the home page for consistency's sake, but I
> was thinking that the odds of *all* the articles coming from the centers
> with short names is pretty slim.

ok... good enough for me...

> >> 4) Just in case anyone missed it, yesterday isaac suggested adding some
> >> padding on the article page to get some breathing for large blocks of
> text. 
> >>
> >> I also took the nowrap attribute off the date/subject cell in the upper
> left
> >> hand corner, and I have a comment about that. On the topics/centers that
> >> have small names (see Jobs), that left hand column becomes too narrow,
> IMO.
> >> I'd like to add a 1 x (datewidth) pixel spacer in the cell that has the
> >> "Print Article" link to set a minimum width for the column. Opinions?
> >
> >not a bad idea, but we were trying eliminate spacer.gifs in order to 
> >allow the user and the content to determine the best way to display 
> >data...
> I understand that *totally* and I want to support it as well. I guess the
> other option would be to do a two row table for the date and center name
> with a nowrap attribute on the cell with the date. Does that sound better or
> worse?

i'd prefer simpler tables and more spacing dictated by content... 
but whatever works now is best...

> >one other thing... the blacktabnavbarthingie is now broken from the 
> >content table, offset, and has misaligned images within it... this is 
> >in NN4.x... the live site doesn't have this problem...
> Crap. I just looked at it. Does the sidebar lose style definition after the
> login form for you? It does for me.

yep, always has... NN4.x dumps styles quite happily... no way to 
fix it without calling the classes all over the place in the sidebar...

> >are you *sure* you didn't munge any HTML, or add any new 
> >styles?  adding new styles or modifying the HTML very much at all 
> >will break everything from the style changer to how it displays...
> Absotively sure. I used your table exactly as you had it set up. I'll have
> to look at it again to see what I did. It must be a cascade problem from the
> style sheet.

if you added *any* new styles, start there...

> Thanks for checking, Adrian.


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